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Public Construction News


Plans for public construction are developed, bid, and awards made by the Common Council. The Engineering Services Division oversees construction of the public works contracts.

Below is a map of the major projects throughout the city. The larger projects such as Watertown Plank Area Sewer and the North Avenue Improvements have their own dedicated page for project updates, scope, history and useful links.

You can sign up for "Notify Me" for this page or any of the Project Webpages identified below available through the City’s website to receive email or text notifications of construction activities and project updates. Use the attached link to sign up for Construction News at "Notify Me":

2014 Construction Zone Map

Please click on the flowing links for information about these projects or use the button in the navigation pane to the left.

Watertown Plank Area Sanitary Sewer Project

North Avenue Improvements - East Tosa Project 

Milwaukee Avenue Utility and Street Reconstruction Project

124th Street Repaving


2014 Sealcoat Project
Between August 4th and August 15th, the annual preventative street maintenance will be occurring in the area around Mayfair Mall from North Avenue to Center Street and from 91st Street to 112th Street. This will also include the area south of North Ave to Fisher Parkway between 102nd and Mayfair Road. There will also be two smaller segments near Burleigh and 117th Street.
(See Maps below)

The work consists of placing a hot liquid asphalt on the street followed by a layer of stone. The stone is then rolled to seat it in the asphalt. After the street has been sealed coated, loose stone is left for up to a week to allow traffic to work the stone into the asphalt. Then the contractor removes remaining loose stone with street sweeping equipment. Any stones that work loose after that, the City's annual leaf sweeping will pick up in the fall.

When you see green 'No Parking' signs placed, you will know the contractor will be seal coating that street within 24 hours.  While the contractor is working on the street, you may not be able to get in or out of your driveway for 10 to 15 minutes. Please don't park on the street from 7 AM to 7 PM, Monday through Friday until the 'No Parking' signs are removed. If your vehicle is in the way, it may be towed.

If you have any questions, please contact the City of Wauwatosa Engineering Dept. at 479-8927.

Map A – Mayfair Area
Map B – Burleigh Frontage Road

Zoo Interchange Project
Looking for information about What’s Happening on the Zoo Interchange Project? The project is now in the third year of the seven year construction schedule. These first years have been focused on ‘building the box’ around the Zoo Interchange. This involved the upgrading the arterial streets - Mayfair Road, Glenview Ave, Blue Mound Road, Wisconsin Ave, 84th St and Greenfield Ave. These improvements will enable these roads to handle the additional traffic due to various closures on the interstate when work begins on the Zoo Interchange starting 2015.
Currently, the Watertown Plank Interchange, Highway 100 Interchange and the 84th St on and off ramps are where the major construction is occurring. These projects are scheduled to be complete later this year.

Please use the attached link to the WisDOT Zoo Interchange Website. This is a great source to find the latest updates, as well as, newsletters, Roadway Designs, and FAQ’s.

Here is the Zoo Interchange website link: WisDOT Zoo Interchange

Burleigh Road Project
The work along Burleigh Road from Mayfair Road to US 45 is being performed by the developers for the new retail developments as part of TIF District 7. The project scope involves reconfiguration of Burleigh Road due to the new retail development in the area including the Mayfair Collection and Meijer Store as well as planned future development.

The US 45 on and off ramps will be modified and the entrance to the Mayfair Collection was reconfigured. New color-enhanced crosswalks are being added at 114th Street and 112th and a multi-purpose asphalt sidewalk is being installed along the north curb of Burleigh Road.

Please allow for additional travel times and use caution in the construction zones.

PROJECT UPDATE – July 18, 2014
The contractor has completed the colored cross walks and the road is expected to be opened up by July 21st. There is still additional curb and gutter work to be performed as well as signals and signage so there will likely be some additional lane closures.

The project will be completed in 2015 when the asphalt road will be milled and resurfaced.


Mayfair Road Resurfacing Project
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has been performing the resurfacing project for Mayfair Road from Burleigh north to Silver Spring, due to the highly deteriorated pavement. The project started the week of March 3 and continue until late fall 2014.  During daytime hours two lanes of traffic will be maintained in each direction and reduced to one lane each direction during nighttime hours. 

Please allow for additional travel times and use caution in the construction zones.

PROJECT UPDATE – July 14, 2014
Currently the contractors are working on the lanes closest to the curb on both the north and south bound lanes. Work is also in process on the north bound turn lane from east bound Capitol Drive.

For additional information see WisDOT News

Capitol Drive Paving Project
This is a City of Milwaukee project with portion of work that does occur in some of our northern neighborhoods in District 8. They are currently in final project close out.

Street Improvement Program
Each year a team of City Engineers and Operations personnel drive every mile of roadway in the City to assess the condition of the streets. A rating system of 0 to 35 points is assigned to each street. Based on the condition rating number, the age of the street, and proximity to planned utility work, an annual paving program is assembled that is within existing budget parameters. This process is followed each year. The 2014 to 2018 Proposed Street Improvement Program is now available online.

Sidewalk Repair Program
The City of Wauwatosa maintains approximately 5,111,600 sq. ft. of sidewalk within the City limits. Sidewalks are maintained in three ways.

First an inspection of approximately one tenth of the City sidewalk network is conducted annually. deteriorated sections of sidewalk are noted, marked and put on the list for replacement. A sidewalk replacement contract for the following year is then put out to bid.

The second way sidewalks are repaired is in conjunction with a major highway project. Typically sidewalks are disturbed for public construction and replaced as part of the project.

A third level of maintenance is performed by the Public Works Department, Operations Division. If a call is received from a resident or business owner and the sidewalk program is already completed for the year the Public Works staff will fix the problem sidewalk. The 2014 to 2023 Proposed Sidewalk Repair Program is now online.




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