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Alarm System Registration
New Alarm Registration
The City of Wauwatosa recently passed an alarm registration ordinance and made changes to the alarm fee schedule. The new ordinance requires residents and businesses to register their alarm systems with the police department. This registration applies to all alarm systems, whether systems are monitored by an outside service or are stand-alone in nature.
How It Works
Beginning immediately, homes and businesses with alarms will need to obtain an annual alarm permit. When obtaining the permit, the owner will be required to register certain information with the police department. This information---such as the alarm monitoring company (if there is one), authorized key holders, and phone numbers---will be used by officers when they respond to an alarm. The information will allow officers to more easily contact the property owner in the event of an emergency or to verify that all is in order. Another benefit of the annual permit is that the key holder information will be updated on a yearly basis ensuring that the police department will be able to contact the correct, current key holder in the most timely fashion.

How to Register
  • Homes and businesses that have had false alarm fees in the past will be sent a registration notice, along with a key holder information sheet.
  • If you have not had a false alarm fee in the past, or don’t receive a notice in the mail, you will still need to register your alarm.
  • Alarm Registration Form | Download
  • False Alarm Prevention Tips and Fee Schedule |   Download

The fee for the permit is $25 annually. Please note, if you do not register your alarm system, the police department will still respond when notified of an alarm. However, understand that failure to register your alarm system with the city is a violation of Ordinance 7.08.005, and you may be cited and fined. Additionally, late registrations are subject to a $50.00 late fee.
If you have any questions, please contact Sgt. Katie Gierach (414) 471-8430 | Email

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