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Cold Weather and Water Pipes
What should I do to avoid cold weather problems with my water pipes?

Here are a few tips on how you can help yourself prepare your plumbing for the upcoming winter season. Take a little time to prepare your home before the cold weather sets in.
  • Turn off your outside hose bib from inside the property and disconnect the hose.
  • Make sure the area around the water meter is heated to prevent freezing.
  • Make sure the water shut off valves on both sides of the water meter work properly so you can turn off your water in case of an emergency.
  • Open cabinet doors under sinks to allow warmer air around the water pipes.
  • During extreme cold weather, leave a small stream of cold water flowing through a faucet.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure
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Cross Connection Control
The Wauwatosa Water Utility routinely checks municipal water to ensure it is safe for potable use. In accordance with the City's Cross Connection Control Program as mandated by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the utility will be performing periodic inspections/surveys for cross connections of the water supply. This inspection program is designed to protect public health and to protect our public water supply system.

Residential property inspections will be scheduled to occur in conjunction with any water meter maintenance or replacement appointments. The inspection is performed by Water Utility personnel and usually takes only 10 to 15 minutes of time. The most typical example of a potential cross connection is the outside water hose bibb/spigot not containing a backflow prevention device on it. Newer homes will normally include backflow devices on the outside hose bibb/spigot.

Cross connection inspections are also a DNR requirement for commercial and industrial properties in the City and are scheduled to occur every two years. The Water Utility contracted with Aqua Backflow of Elgin, IL to manage the City's commercial and industrial cross connection control program. The Utility asks for your cooperation when Aqua Backflow calls to schedule an appointment or asks for information.

Compliance with the Cross Connection Control Program is mandatory for all water users.

View the Cross Connection Brochure
View the Cross Connection Control Program

Water Conservation
There is increasing interest in encouraging water conservation and efficiency to help manage demand and meet critical water supply needs. Using water more efficiently benefits all by:
  • Reducing energy and chemical costs
  • Avoiding or delaying expensive capital infrastructure investments
  • Ensuring that sufficient water is available to promote economic growth and development while supporting healthy ecosystems
  • Preserving valuable water resources for future generations
Wauwatosa has an abundant water resource in Lake Michigan, a supply that contributes to an attractive and healthy environment and provides a reliable source of drinking water. The following websites will help give more information regarding water conservation.

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Rain Gardens for Wauwatosa
Public Service Commission of Wisconsin
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
American Water Works Association
Water Usage Calculator
Water Use Tips Around the Home

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