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Current Projects
Information about current projects can be found though the City's meeting portal.

Current projects include:
  • City-wide Housing Policy and Strategy study
  • 2100 Mayfair, 2100  North Mayfair Road, multi-family housing
  • The Mayfair Collection, Burleigh/112th-114th Streets, mixed-use development
  • Harmonee Square 
  • State Street Station, 7400 West State Street, mixed-use development
  • St. Camillus expansion, 10101 West Wisconsin Avenue
  • Center for Advanced Care
  • MCW Professional Office
  • MRMC Power Plant

Wauwatosa Housing Study & Needs Analysis
The City has completed its first ever city-wide Housing Study & Needs Analysis. 

The results of this Housing Study and Needs Analysis will help decision makers, stakeholders and community members develop a meaningful sense of the housing market as well as an understanding of key housing issues. The study should provide a measured assessment of present and future unmet housing demand that focuses on creating a deeper understanding of short-to-mid-term housing demand (5-year, 10-year, 15-year.) The report is intended to offer a solid, data-driven basis for formulating community-specific housing priorities.

Final Report - Housing Study & Needs Analysis

Housing Study Public Input Session Presentation

Currently, the Community Affairs Committee is discussing strategies presented in the draft "Housing Policy and Action Plan" to meet the housing needs identified in the comprehensive "2016 Housing Study and Needs Analysis."

Wauwatosa Draft Housing Policy

Wauwatosa Draft Housing Policy and Action Plan Summaries

September 2017 Community Affairs Presentation

It is intended that Community Affairs will discuss and recommend to the Common Council the policies and programs within this document that it believes are best suited to Wauwatosa and achieving the goals of the Council. Not every option in the document needs to be undertaken, nor would it be feasible to do so. Rather, it is intended that an agreed upon selection of the policies and programs in the document would become the City's housing policies.

Milwaukee County Grounds
Milwaukee County Grounds Master Plan and Design Guidelines
This document was adopted by the Common Council on December 21, 2004, is a master plan intended to give an idea of possible development including approximate size and layout of buildings. It provides a scheme for approximately 800,000 square feet of new development while minimizing the environmental impact of the development on the surrounding areas. There is an emphasis on sustainable development practices and green building design as well as the preservation of the Eschweiler complex. In developing this plan, the goal was to provide direction on creating a high quality, environmentally friendly development without identifying specific uses. The guidelines provide control over the scale and design of buildings and spaces without mandating specific building footprints or locations. This allows the City to retain control over the final design while allowing maximum flexibility for developers to develop proposals that are economically viable.

Plan Cover and Table of Contents

Plan Part 1
Plan Part 2
Plan Part 3
Plan Appendix

If you have difficulty viewing via the website, a copy is available for viewing in the Department of Community Development as well as the Wauwatosa Library. You may also purchase a copy on CD for $5 from the Department of Community Development.

UWM Innovation Park
The Common Council approved plans for UWM Innovation, including the Change of Zoning, on May 4, 2010.

Curtis Stang, UWM Innovation Park, LLC and Craig Dillmann, Milwaukee County, applied for approval of a Business Planned Development and Change of Zoning in the northeast corner of Hwy 45 and Watertown Plank Road for the UWM Innovation Park. The proposed UWM Innovation Park consists of 88.4 acres consisting of 11.4 acres for habitat protection, 17.5 acres for DOT Hwy 45 improvements, with the remaining 59.5 acres available for development. A Master Plan & Design Guidelines is being developed to guide the planning and development of the park.

UWM Innovation Park - Business Accelerator Facility
The City of Wauwatosa and the UWM Real Estate Foundation were awarded a $5.4 million dollar grant from the Economic Development Administration, part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, to construct a business accelerator facility and related infraststructure improvements. This 25,000 square foot, LEED silver-certified building inlcudes state-of-the-art laboratory facilities used by a number of academic and industry researchers. Information to the overall Innovation Park Campus can be found at the UWM Real Estate Foundation's website.

On March 6, 2012, the City approved plans for a 25,000 sf technology incubator that will be located just north of the County Parks Building.

The Mayfair Collection - Burleigh Street
The applicant, HSA Commercial Real Estate, intends to construct a planned development for the area of the City that is commonly referred to as the Burleigh Triangle. The phased development, called the Mayfair Collection, will initially consist of 235,000 sf of adaptively reused existing warehouse space for retail tenants on the west side of the site along Hwy 45 as well as 35,000 sf of new retail and restaurant space along Burleigh Street.   Later phases consist of additional retail development along Burleigh Street, medical or related office space on a northern parcel as well as a mixed use component at the interior of the site. 

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