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Wauwatosa Housing Study & Needs Analysis
We completed its first ever city-wide Housing Study & Needs Analysis. 

The results of this Housing Study and Needs Analysis will help decision makers, stakeholders and community members develop a meaningful sense of the housing market as well as an understanding of key housing issues. The study should provide a measured assessment of present and future unmet housing demand that focuses on creating a deeper understanding of short-to-mid-term housing demand (5-year, 10-year, 15-year.) The report is intended to offer a solid, data-driven basis for formulating community-specific housing priorities.

Final Report - Housing Study & Needs Analysis

Housing Study Public Input Session Presentation

Currently, the Community Affairs Committee is discussing strategies presented in the draft "Housing Policy and Action Plan" to meet the housing needs identified in the comprehensive "2016 Housing Study and Needs Analysis."

It is intended that Community Affairs will discuss and recommend to the Common Council the policies and programs within this document that it believes are best suited to Wauwatosa and achieving the goals of the Council. Not every option in the document needs to be undertaken, nor would it be feasible to do so. Rather, it is intended that an agreed upon selection of the policies and programs in the document would become the City's housing policies.

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