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Plumbing Permit
A plumbing permit is required to install any fixture, drain, waste or vent piping, any device, appliance or component, or to alter any aspect of the plumbing system. A licensed plumbing contractor must perform all plumbing work. EXCEPTION: A homeowner (who resides at the property) may replace fixtures, appliances or clear water sump and discharge pump with a permit provided that no alteration to the existing plumbing system is needed. A homeowner may replace a water heater, install a new clearwater sump and discharge piping, and install a stormwater conveyance system that does not connect directly to the city storm sewer after obtaining a plumbing permit. Permits are not required to repair fixtures and appliances.

Permit Fee
Fees are charged to offset the cost of providing inspection services. The City of Wauwatosa's permit fees are one of the lowest in the Milwaukee metro area. In addition, water calculations must be submitted for review on new buildings and where water demand changes due to the addition of fixtures. The inspection fee is usually a cost per unit or a flat fee.

Application Process
Submit a completed application form and the permit fee to the Building and Safety Division. Make checks payable to the City of Wauwatosa.

For more information please contact the Building & Safety Division at (414) 479-8907. | Email

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