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Tips to Eliminate / Prevent False Alarms
Before Leaving
  • check that all exterior doors are closed and locked. 
  • check that all motion sensor areas are clear of moving signs, displays, reflective/helium balloons, etc. 

Personnel Make Sure
  • all users have proper knowledge of codes
  • all users know how to cancel a false alarm quickly.

General Guidelines
  • Train ALL personnel periodically in proper alarm operating procedures and false alarm prevention.
  • Report any arming or disarming problems to your alarm company immediately. 
  • If the system was installed for one type of facility and remodeling occurs, the alarm should be inspected for suitability to the changes that have been made.
  • Carefully arrange all decorations, banners and displays. Floating balloons can interfere with motion detectors and activate alarms.
  • Replace main battery to meet manufacturer specifications.
  • If you can’t identify the cause of the activation, contact your alarm company to have your motion detectors checked along with basic equipment.
  • Heat rises and can cause enough motion to activate alarms, as can air conditioning currents.
  • Motion detectors easily detect small animals (birds, cats, rodents, etc.). Use caution against their entering the premises.
  • Schedule routine system maintenance and checks by the alarm company.

Please Remember
Alarmed areas must be protected from access. Security systems must not be the only barrier - all alarmed doors should have secure locks, also!

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