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City Plans
MidTown Tosa Strategic Master Plan
The MidTown Tosa Strategic Master Plan is currently in planning stages and has not yet been adopted. MidTown Tosa Inc. and the City are working with RDG Planning & Design to prepare the Strategic Master Plan for the commercial district along North Avenue from N 76th Street to the Menomonee River.

Wauwatosa Life Sciences District Master Plan Concept
The Life Sciences District Master Plan Concept is a product of a unique collaboration among the City of Wauwatosa, Milwaukee County, and the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center (MRMC) to develop a plan for the area around the Watertown Plank Road/Interstate 41 Interchange that balances environmental preservation with economic growth opportunities and quality of life issues. Life Sciences Master Plan Concept Information

The Life Sciences District Master Plan is tabled and has not been adopted.

Active Tosa - Park/Rec Plan
The Active Tosa Plan is a joint process between us and the School District to plan for the community's future park and recreation needs. Additional Information.

City Comprehensive Plan
A comprehensive plan is a document that details the vision of a city and outlines steps to take in order to achieve that vision. The comprehensive plan guides future decisions regarding:
  • land use
  • infrastructure
  • zoning
  • overall city character

Our Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2008. 

Redevelopment District No. 1
The Redevelopment District No. 1 Plan is to set a vision and implementation strategy for converting a deteriorating area of Walnut and Mayfair Roads into a vibrant, mixed use district.

Burleigh Triangle and Mayfair Road North Redevelopment Plan
The Burleigh Triangle and Mayfair Road North Plan is the first phase of what will eventually become a plan for the entire Mayfair Road corridor and also includes an update to the 2005 Burleigh Triangle Master Plan.  

East Tosa: North Avenue Plan

The East Tosa North Avenue Plan is plan for North Avenue between 60th Street and 76th Street and identifies ways to:

  • support existing businesses
  • attract new businesses
  • suggest potential streetscape enhancements
  • parking improvements
  • promotes the creation of a viable business district that enhances the quality of life for the surrounding neighborhoods 

Village Area Plan

The Village Area Plan creates solutions to:

  • wayfinding, making it easier for people to find their destinations
  • pedestrian safety
  • traffic flow
  • economic development
  • aesthetics 

Burleigh Street Triangle Redevelopment Plan
The Burleigh Street Triangle Redevelopment Plan provides guidance for the development of approximately 112th Street to US 45, also commonly referred to as the Burleigh Triangle.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities Plan
The Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Plan guides the development of bicycle pedestrian facilities in the city. The plan assesses existing conditions for bicycling and walking, and makes recommendations to improve bicycling and walking conditions in our community.

Milwaukee County Grounds Master Plan and Design Guidelines
This document was adopted by the Common Council on December 21, 2004, is a master plan intended to give an idea of possible development including approximate size and layout of buildings. It provides a scheme for approximately 800,000 square feet of new development while minimizing the environmental impact of the development on the surrounding areas. There is an emphasis on sustainable development practices and green building design as well as the preservation of the Eschweiler complex. In developing this plan, the goal was to provide direction on creating a high quality, environmentally friendly development without identifying specific uses. The guidelines provide control over the scale and design of buildings and spaces without mandating specific building footprints or locations. This allows the City to retain control over the final design while allowing maximum flexibility for developers to develop proposals that are economically viable.

If you have difficulty viewing via the website, a copy is available for viewing in the Development Department at City Hall as well as the Wauwatosa Library. You may also purchase a copy on CD for $5 at City Hall.

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