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City Plans
Wauwatosa Life Sciences District Master Plan Concept

The concept plan is a product of a unique collaboration among the City of Wauwatosa, Milwaukee County, and the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center (MRMC) to develop a plan for the area around the Watertown Plank Road/Interstate 41 Interchange that balances environmental preservation with economic growth opportunities and quality of life issues. Link to Plan

Wauwatosa Life Sciences District Master Plan Concept FAQ - "NEW"

With so much interest in this draft plan, we want you to know what will happen next. 

Presentation boards from the past two open houses can be viewed on the online town hall at Additional information is also available, including public comment.

Questions regarding the plan or the planning process can be emailed to Paulette Enders, Development Director at .

Next Steps

• All comments received by February 27 will be tabulated and analyzed.
• The City values the perspective of all citizens and appreciates their feedback which will be taken into consideration in the next draft of the plan.
• A third public Open House will be held in late March or April, date to be determined and publicized.
• After the third Open House, the following process will take place in order to adopt a Master Plan for the area:

1. A final draft Master Plan Proposal will be submitted to the Plan Commission, with an opportunity for public comment.
2. A public hearing with public comment will be held in front of the Common Council.
3. A Community Affairs meeting will be held, with an opportunity for public comment.
4. A Common Council meeting will be held where final adoption of the Master Plan will be considered.

Thank you for caring so deeply about Wauwatosa and for your participation in this process.  Stay tuned.

City Comprehensive Plan

A comprehensive plan is a document that details the vision of a city and outlines steps to take in order to achieve that vision. The comprehensive plan guides future decisions regarding land use, infrastructure, zoning, and overall city character. In Wisconsin, Smart Growth legislation requires municipalities to have an updated comprehensive plan in place by 2010.

The City of Wauwatosa adopted its Comprehensive Plan on December 16, 2008.  The plan is listed below: 

Redevelopment District No. 1

The objective of the Redevelopment Plan is to set a vision and implementation strategy for converting a deteriorating area of Walnut and Mayfair Roads into a vibrant, mixed use district.

Updated plan as of 9/1/15:
Redevelopment District No. 1 - Project Plan

Burleigh Triangle and Mayfair Road North Redevelopment Plan

As recommended in the City's Comprehensive Plan, the Mayfair Road North Plan is the first phase of what will eventually become a plan for the entire Mayfair Road corridor and also includes an update to the 2005 Burleigh Triangle Master Plan. 

Burleigh Triangle and Mayfair Road North Redevelopment Plan

East Tosa: North Avenue Plan

This plan for North Avenue between 60th Street and 76th Street that identifies ways to support existing businesses, attract new businesses, suggest potential streetscape and parking improvements and promote the creation of a viable business district that enhances the quality of life for the surrounding neighborhoods.

plan was adopted by the Common Council on Tuesday, July 5, 2011.

Village Area Plan

The plan creates solutions to wayfinding (making it easier for people to find their destinations), pedestrian safety and traffic flow, economic development, and aesthetics.

The plan was adopted by the Common Council on Tuesday, September 20, 2011.

Burleigh Street Triangle Redevelopment Plan

In 2005, the Wauwatosa Economic Development Corporation hired Vandewalle & Associates to create a redevelopment plan for the area north of Burleigh Street from approximately 112th to US 45, also commonly referred to as the Burleigh Triangle.

Redevelopment Plan
Market Analysis

Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities Plan

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Plan Document was adopted by the Common Council in April, 2014 and can be viewed HERE.

The City of Wauwatosa developed a Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Plan to guide the development of bicycle pedestrian facilities in the city. In late 2012, the City of Wauwatosa hired Toole Design Group and the Wisconsin Bike Fed to produce a Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Plan. The plan assesses existing conditions for bicycling and walking, and makes recommendations to improve bicycling and walking conditions in Wauwatosa.

Why is this plan important?
Walking and bicycling are affordable, healthy and environmentally friendly ways of getting around. Many Wauwatosa residents already regularly walk or bicycle for transportation, exercise or just for fun. However, to make walking and bicycling appealing and accessible to more people, improvements should be made to the City’s walkway and bikeway network. This plan provides a path for the City to follow as it works with limited resources to provide safe and accessible transportation options to Wauwatosa residents.

What does the plan provide?
The Wauwatosa Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Plan focuses on increasing bicycle and pedestrian access and connections within Wauwatosa as well as connections to adjoining communities.The Plan provides recommendations focused on what are often known as the “Five E’s:”

Engineering: Improvements to physical infrastructure such as sidewalks, bike lanes, bicycle boulevards and shared-use paths.

Encouragement: Activities focused on encouraging people to walk and bike more such as Bike-to-Work-Week, bike rodeos and other events.

Education: Efforts focused on educating all users about the rules of the road. This includes motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Enforcement: Proper enforcement of the rules of the road for all users.

Evaluation: Measuring efforts to improve bicycling and walking conditions including bike counts, miles of bike lanes or sidewalks, and other data collection.

Focusing on the Five E’s ensures that the plan will offer holistic recommendations bicycling and walking.

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