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Dutch Elm Disease
Dutch elm disease (DED) is a fatal fungal disease that attacks American elms and is spread by Elm Bark beetles, which feed on healthy trees. One treatment that can help stop the spread of DED by elm bark beetles is the use of fungicides, which can be injected into the elm tree any time after leaves reach their full size. This treatment should be performed every year. The fungicide injection is not guaranteed effective, due to conditions within the tree and the environment, but it is one of the few viable options available.

We presently use the fungicide Arbotect 20-S to help reduce the risk of infection to healthy trees from elm bark beetles. At the homeowner's request, we will inject your city elm tree (sorry, yard trees are not included) if it can be done safely and without excessive harm to the tree. We ask the resident to pay the cost of the chemical while we will provide labor and equipment. The chemical cost generally runs between $30 and $55 per tree.

If you have a city elm tree, we will automatically send you a postcard in early spring reminding you to call us if you are interested in receiving the treatment.

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