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Tree Maintenance
City Tree Removal
Trees are removed when they:
  • Die
  • Decline beyond their ability to recover
  • Become diseased or infested with pest insects
  • Become structurally unsound due to old age or physical damage

Stump Removal
The vast majority of stumps are removed between mid August and mid October. Ancillary stumping operations may occur in late fall or spring if the opportunity arises.

Trees are generally planted in the spring as soon as they are delivered from the nurseries.  This is weather dependent and can vary from mid-March to late April.  Forestry plants both bare-root and balled and burlapped stock ordered primarily from local nurseries.

The City of Wauwatosa's Master Tree Plan

With the exception of elms and oaks, city trees are pruned year around.  Oak and elm trees are only pruned between mid-October and April 1st to avoid unnecessary exposure to oak wilt and Dutch elm disease (DED) respectively.  The greatest pruning effort is between January 1st and April 1st.

If more information, please contact the Forestry Section at (414) 471-8420.

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