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Dog & Cat Licensing
License Laws Pertaining to Dogs & Cats
Dogs and cats that are five months of age after the last day of March are required to be licensed within 30 days or before reaching six months of age. Proof of rabies vaccination must be given before licenses will be issued.

License tags shall be attached to a collar, and this collar shall at all times be kept on the dog or cat for which the license is issued. All licenses expire on December 31.

License Availability & Fees
Licenses are available at the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission Office or at the Treasurer's Office. Fees are determined by the State of Wisconsin, the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, and the City of Wauwatosa.

The License Fee is:
- Altered (Neutered or Spayed) Animal: $12* ($18 Late Fee)
- Unaltered Animal: $24* ($36 Late Fee)

*License late fees apply if the owner fails to obtain a license by March 31 of each year, before the pet reaches six months of age, or within 30 days of Wauwatosa residency.

MADACC also offers other low-cost services for domestic animals.  Please refer to the below informational sheet.

MADACC Services and Costs

Nuisance Laws

The maximum number of both dogs and cats over the age of three months kept on any one property or dwelling unit shall be limited to a total of three animals, with no more than two of either species being female.

Frequent or habitual noises by either dogs or cats may be considered a nuisance and are prohibited. The owner or walker of any dog or cat shall carry a feces scoop and shall be responsible for its acts on either public or private property. Property should be cleaned up immediately. Dogs and cats must be maintained in a clean, healthy, and sanitary environment. Animals may not run at large. Leashes may not exceed 10' in length for leashed animals.

Penalties for all of these laws are set forth in the Wauwatosa Code of Ordinances. For further details on pet laws or interpretations of these laws, contact the City Attorney at (414) 479-8905.

What to do about Wild Animals

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