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Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste Carts
Cart Placement
  • Please place your garbage and recycling carts at the curb no later than 7 am on your scheduled pick up day. 
  • The best place to put your garbage or recycling cart is:
    • in your driveway apron
    • on either side of your driveway apron. 
    • if your pick-up is in the alley, carts should be placed as close as possible to the alley edge.
  • Please provide a minimum of three feet of clearance around the cart to provide access for automated equipment.
  • We cannot pick up carts blocked by parked cars.

Items Placed Outside of Cart
  • We cannot pick up items that are placed outside of your garbage and recycling carts.

Types of Carts
  • Garbage: Garbage carts have black lids and are collected weekly on your assigned collection day.
  • Recycling: Recycling carts have yellow lids and are collected every other week on your assigned collection day.
  • Yard waste: You can purchase a cart or garbage container from a local retailer.  All yard waste carts should have "Yard Waste" clearly marked on the them.
    • Yard waste is picked up on weeks that recycling is not picked up on your assigned collection day.

Cart Maintenance
  • You should routinely clean the inside of your cart with a soapy water solution to reduce rodent infestation and odors.

Cart Repair
Is your garbage or recycling cart damaged? We can replace:
  • lids
  • wheels
  • axles 

Please call us at 414-471-8422 to request this service.

We cannot service or replace old yard waste carts, but we will collect it:

Cart Replacement & Extra Carts
Cart Replacement
  • If your garbage or recycling cart is damaged, we will replace it for a fee of $52.80.
  • If we damaged the cart, and we can't repair it, we will replace the cart free of charge.
  • We will not replace old yard waste carts. Please replace the cart with a similar sized unit purchased at a retailer, or use paper yard waste bags.
Extra Garbage & Recycling Carts
Need another cart? A 2nd recycling cart is free! Call us at 414-471-8422 to ask for one. A 2nd garbage cart is $52.80. 

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