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Animal Control Issues
Wauwatosa's geography contains abundant green space which contributes to interaction of humans and wild animals. The City of Wauwatosa health department staff will consult on wildlife issues when necessary.

The best way to keep wildlife and rodents away is to deny them access to either food, water, or shelter. This is accomplished by:
  • Remove food sources: Make sure that garbage cans are in good condition and properly secured, pet food is stored in rodent proof containers and that bird-feeders are at least 2 feet off the ground. Do not ground feed animals. 
  • Remove water sources: Make sure there are no standing puddles, upturned cans, or other water sources in your yard. 
  • Remove shelter sources: Keep landscaping well maintained and away from building foundations so that unruly shrubs do not become perfect hiding places. Wood piles should be tightly stacked and away from buildings.

More Information (Including Coyotes)

For more information, please contact the Public Health Information and Referral Nurse at
(414) 479-8939. | Email

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