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Clean Indoor Air Information
Promoting Clean Air
Get involved and promote smoke-free environments for homes, restaurants, worksites, and daycare centers. For more information on second-hand smoke, view:

Wisconsin's Statewide Smoke-Free Air Law
Wisconsin Act 12, the "statewide smoke-free workplaces law" became effective on July 5, 2010.  All workplaces, including bars and restaurants, went smoke-free at this time.  This new law covers many different venues, from day care centers to sports arenas, and from bus shelters to theaters.  

Three important definitions determine whether or not smoking is allowed in a certain location:
  • 'Enclosed place' is a structure or area what has a roof and two or more substantial walls
  • 'Substantial wall' is defined as "a wall with no openings (solid wall) or with an opening that either does not allow air in from the oustide (wall with windows that are closed) or is less than 25 percent of the wall's suface area (wall with at least 25% openings)."
  • 'A reasonable distance,' as determined by an establishment owner, must exist between smoking and non-smoking structures.  (Outdoor smoking structures must be a reasonable distance from the front or main entrance of smoke-free establishments.) 

Report a Violation to the Smoke-Free Law

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