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Heart Safe Tosa

Heart Safe Tosa Steps to Success

  1. The Wauwatosa Fire Department will train citizens in hands only CPR (can be taught in 6 minutes) and AED use. For more information contact Division Chief Chris Sandoval at 414-471-8490 or email 
  2. Agreements will be developed with the private and public sector to make AEDs readily available.  * Note – Drone AEDs are not yet available J 
  3. The Wauwatosa Fire Department will collaborate with the Wauwatosa Health Department to train the public to recognize the signs of a heart attack and to activate the 911 System right away.
  4. The 911 dispatcher will initiate a Fire Department paramedic response while simultaneously notifying participating citizens of the need for CPR and an AED via PulsePoint app. More information can be found at | PulsePoint Respond 
  5. Citizens will receive the PulsePoint notification resulting in their going to the scene so they can initiate CPR and an AED shock prior to arrival of the paramedics.
  6. Thanks to the early CPR and shock the patient’s heart beat and respirations are already restored when the paramedics arrive to stabilize and transport.
  7. Success stories result as more ‘Sudden Cardiac Arrest’ victims survive the event and are able to leave the hospital and return to their families and lives.

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