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Coyotes and Wauwatosa
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On Tuesday, March 1, 2016, the Common Council adopted the “Coyote Nuisance Management and Response Plan Policy.”  The goal of the plan is to support co-existence with urban coyotes using education, behavior modification and the development of a tiered response to coyote behavior.  The Coyote Management Plan supports a reduction in conflicts and an increase in understanding Wauwatosa’s urban coyote population.  Public safety is the primary concern, however, the City recognizes the environmental benefit of maintaining and encouraging natural wildlife to flourish and will make every effort to maintain natural ecosystems.  Again, the strategies in the policy strive to balance the needs of citizens with an appreciation, respect and understanding of our urban wildlife without compromising public safety.

It is important to note that it is not the intention of the City, nor is it an objective of this policy, to carry out a coyote culling program.  The City’s Coyote Policy, which is based on research and identified management practices, provides strategies to live compatibly with coyotes.

The City encourages all residents to take steps to eliminate attractants on private property and to re-instill the coyote’s fear of humans though hazing efforts.  Proactive steps can help to decrease encounters and reshape undesired coyote behavior.  Residents are also urged to share this information with friends and neighbors because minimizing interactions is most effective when entire neighborhoods work together. In different regions of the United State communities have successfully coexisted with coyotes as a result of coordinated and cohesive hazing efforts.

As an example, a number of municipalities in the State of Colorado have utilized hazing efforts as their sole means to address coyote related concerns in a non-lethal manner.  The City of Denver conducted a formal study regarding hazing efforts and their impact on coyotes.  The City of Aurora created this very educational, yet humorous, video about “How to Haze a Coyote."

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