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What is a Strategic Plan?

A strategic plan is a means to organize all of priorities of the city into one document. A strategic plan is complementary to the Comprehensive Plan and the other planning tools used by city leaders. A strategic plan organizes the priorities, programs and services into common themes and then presents strategies and goals to ensure there is a clear road map for the future. Strategic planning is an effective tool to provide a means for the Common Council to ensure that their resources are applied and used in an optimal manner. The methods used in strategic planning are a means to an end; the City’s process was designed to identify the most important priorities and goals of the City and community. There are many benefits to strategic planning; the top five primary outcomes for the City are:

  • Create an organizational vision and coalesce the elected officials around a common direction
  • Provide a written road map to record and document the direction 
  • Improve the Council and staff’s ability to focus on the most important priorities and issues
  • Provide a means to ensure that limited resources are allocated wisely 
  • Improve accountability and capacity to measure performance and outcomes

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