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The Village Streetscaping Project Update for the week of November 28
Project Information

Getting around The Village:

• Automobile access in The Village will be further limited during the months of October and early November as the contractors work on the road surface and the pavers.
• The night-time one-way westbound access on State Street will be closed starting October 7th when the contractors start working on the road surface followed by installation of the pavers. This is to ensure proper conditions for the installation and to maximize the contractor’s efficiency reducing the time needed for paver installation.
• Harwood will open when possible once the roadway base is installed and if the contractors have completed installation of the pavers in State Street. We will look for opportunities to reopen Harwood for two-way traffic and turn around and exit where they entered.
• Underwood is a one-way street and is only open when traffic from Harwood can access the road (when State St at Noodles has a clear lane).
• Pedestrian access is maintained to the businesses at all times although small detours may be necessary based on where the contractors are working.

Contact for Project Information:
David Jaeckels
Construction Communication Liaison
City of Wauwatosa

Project Scope and Design Information

Link to Project 3-year Phasing Plan 

Link to Phase 1 Design 

Link to Project Rendering

Link to Detour Map

Current Status - week of November 28th
Contractors working on remaining paver areas and spot work cleanup

Progress Update:
The contractors are focusing their efforts on the pavers in the sidewalk areas along State Street this week. State St is closed during daytime work hours but is open evenings buy 3:30 and weekends. Harwood and Underwood will remain open daily.
• The road pavers were completed and the streets opened for local traffic on November 18th.  The contractor is working on the remaining areas to get the pavers and infilling the holes with the pavers to be cut. By Friday December 2 most of those areas should be completed.

• There are still daytime road closures of State St in the Village for contractor and pedestrian safety due to the equipment to needed to complete the installation.

• Trees and tree grates are in place.

• We are working on public education for the back-in angle parking until the final light poles are installed and we can add the signage.

• The contractor is working on the fountain in the plaza area. This area will be limited and closed off during events.

• The tall silver light poles are temporary and will be replaced with the LED lights once we get through the holiday season. Finishes such as trash containers and benches will also be installed at that time.

• The first of the new Village wayfinding signage has been installed along Menomonee River Parkway near Church St (the large threshold sign with the firefly effect) and Wauwatosa Avenue. There will be additional signage as part of future phases in 2017 and 2018.
• All schedule projections are weather dependent and may require adjustments.

Back in parking

Back-in angle parking on Harwood.

Please use caution when driving through these work sites for the safety of the workers and pedestrians.

Want to be up to date on What's Happening:
Please utilize the “Notify Me” alert system available through the City’s website to receive email or text notifications of construction activities and project updates.
Use the attached link to sign up for the Village/State Street Streetscaping Project at "Notify Me":


Project Overview

As part of the planned State Street reconstruction project the City has taken a comprehensive approach to evaluating design options for the entire Village area. Since February of 2015 there have been 35 public meetings on this project seeking community input about goals and objectives for the Village, as well as, feedback on design concepts from the general public, surrounding neighborhood associations, The Village Business Improvement District and City engineers and planners.

The project started with the need to replace old infrastructure and road surface along State Street from 68th Street to Church Street. It was determined that the project scope would expand to the entire Village and include streetscaping and wayfinding signage plans. A key objective of this project is to develop a streetscape solution for The Village and State Street that allows for the continued movement of automobile traffic while creating a safe pedestrian-oriented retail and dining destination. The design decisions were made as part of the larger context including other intersections in the Village and the future use of Root Common and Pocket Parks. 
(Intersections included are Harmonee/Harwood; State/Wauwatosa; Harwood/Wauwatosa; State/Harwood; Underwood/State; Wauwatosa/Harwood). Those presentations are linked below.

• The project scope for the Phase 1 area scheduled for 2016 construction is: State Street/Menomonee River Parkway between Wauwatosa Avenue and Church Street; Harwood between State Street and Root Common; and Underwood between State Street and Harmonee Avenue. The project went out for bids February 2016 with construction starting in April and lasting until November of 2016.
• There has been some re-naming of the phases given the timing of the construction work and coordination with the railroads for the State Street design.
• Phase 2 is scheduled for winter 2016/spring 2017 and will involve infrastructure and utility upgrades to area surrounding the new State Street Station project. It includes Wauwatosa Ave, State Street, 74th St as well as Blanchard and St James.
• Phase 3 (still in 2017) involves the work on State Street from 68th Street to Wauwatosa and Harmonee intersection and Harwood Ave from Yo Mama’s to Mower Court.  This phase will also include renovation of Root Common and Pocket Park.
• Phase 4 will address Harwood west of the Menomonee River to Glenview and Underwood from Harmonee north to Milwaukee Avenue.

What's Next?
The design team is currently working on Phase 3 which includes State Street from 68th to Pocket Park and Root Common and Harwood. The project will include the ongoing discussion for the Railroad Crossing at 74th Street. The majority of this work is anticipated for 2017.

Project Archives 

Additional presentation information from past meetings:

2015_11_10 Transportation Committee Presentation
2015_10_28 Detailed review of project components 
2015_10_22 Minutes – SSC Meeting 6
2015_08_04 Master Plan Presentation to the Transportation Committee
2015_07_16 Minutes - SSC Meeting 5
2015_07_09 Agenda – SSC Meeting 4
2015_06_18 Minutes - SSC Meeting 3 
2015_06_11 Minutes REV - SSC Meeting 2
2015_05_28 Village Design Approach and Mission
2015_05_28 Design Goals Summary
2015_05_19 Public Post It Note comments
2015_05_19 Public Input Meeting 1
2015_02_25 SSC Meeting
2015_02_19 SSC Meeting
Resolution forming Streetscaping Steering Committee (SSC) 

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