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Escrow Pro Website
The Escrow Pro website will show property tax amounts that participating banks have access to.  Again, it is up to the individual taxpayer to know who their mortgage company is and how their tax payment is going to be sent to the City.

Other Items to Consider:

The City of Wauwatosa Treasurer's Office is not responsible for the display of the parcel information on the Escrow Pro website - GovTech Services and the participating banks are.

On the Escrow Pro site, the taxes will be shown in one of three statuses:

  • Unpaid - this indicates that the mortgage company has access to the tax information. NOTE: Just because a payment is displayed, does not necessarily mean the payment is going to be made using this method. Again, the taxpayer needs to contact the mortgage company concerning the details of the method of payment.
  • Escrowed - this indicates the mortgage company has verified all the tax amounts and has approved payment.
  • Paid - this indicates that the payment is in the process of being sent to the City.


Escrow Pro Parcel Search

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