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Fleet Maintenance Division

The Fleet Maintenance Division is responsible for the specifications, procurement, inspection, assignment, disposal and maintenance of fire apparatus and fire equipment for the Wauwatosa Fire Department.

The primary focus is to keep all fire engines, ladder trucks, and paramedic units in response ready condition to better serve the citizens of Wauwatosa.

The Fleet Maintenance Division operates a full service facility for the repair and maintenance of all fire engines, ladder trucks, paramedic units, support vehicles and equipment assigned to the Wauwatosa Fire Department.  The division is responsible for pump repairs, brake repairs, suspension and axle repairs, air condition repairs, electric repairs and tire service on all Fire Department apparatus. The division also repairs and maintains the self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). They repair all the damaged fire hose. They work on the small engines such as lawn equipment, extrication tools, generators, chain saws, etc. The Wauwatosa Fire Department Fleet Maintenance Division is located at Station 51.

Fire Engine (Engine Company):
Fire Engines are equipped with a permanently mounted fire pump, water tank, and hose whose primary purpose is to combat structural fires. The Wauwatosa Fire Department fire engines carry water, 5” supply hose and 1 ¾ - 2 ½ inch attack hose. The fire pumps mounted on the apparatus are capable of providing 1250 gallons per minute of water.

Aerial Apparatus (Truck Company): Aerial apparatus are equipped with an aerial ladder that is designed and equipped to support fire fighting and rescue operations by positioning personnel, providing continuous egress, or discharging water at position elevated from the ground. The Wauwatosa Fire Department has aerials that are 75 feet or 105 feet in length. They also carry a variety of ground ladders ranging from 6 feet to 35 feet in length.

Paramedic Unit: A Paramedic Unit is a vehicle for pre-hospital treatment and transportation of sick or injured people. Personnel staffing these vehicles are highly skilled in pre-hospital patient care and they are also certified structural firefighters.

Battalion Car (Buggy):
The Battalion Car is a three-quarter ton Suburban.  This vehicle is staffed with an on duty chief. These on duty chiefs are command staff officers and take charge of large scale incidents. This unit is equipped as a mobile incident command unit.   It carries enhanced mobile radios, Incident command boards, pre-incident surveys, and air monitoring equipment.

Utility Truck/Haz-Mat Unit: The Utillity Truck is used to tow the Haz-Mat trailer and to support Haz-Mat and Technical Rescue operations.  This unit is equipped with mobile breathing air filling station, generator and a light tower mast.  The Utility truck also Haz-Mat equipment.

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