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Vehicle Exhibits
Vehicle Exhibit Permit
You will find the Vehicle Exhibition Permit Application listed on the Miscellaneous Fire Permit Application.

Checklist for Vehicle Exhibits
  • Area Specified. A specific area shall be designated for display of the vehicles.
  • Exits. The vehicles shall not be displayed in any required passageway, corridor or exit way leading to an exit.
  • Running Of Engines. The vehicle engine shall not be started or run.
  • Fuel In Tanks. The fuel supply in tanks shall be limited to not more than 5 gallons of fuel per vehicle when entering the building.
  • Draining of Fuel. When it is necessary to drain the excess fuel from thetank, the draining operation shall take place outside of the building.
  • Fuel Tank Cap Securement. The fill cap shall be of a lock type or the cap shall be securely taped with a material that is not soluble in a petroleumfuel.
  • Battery. The grounding cable shall be disconnected from the battery terminal. The grounding cable and exposed battery terminal shall be  completely covered with tape to be electrically insulated.
  • Carburetor. The throttle linkage to the carburetor shall be disconnected or  the accelerator shall be blocked so that it cannot be depressed.
  • Attended Or Unattended Exhibition. When the exhibition is unattended, the vehicle doors shall be locked.
  • Fire Extinguisher. One approved hand fire extinguisher of at least a 20 B:C rating shall be located within 75 feet travel distance of any displayed vehicle.
  • Fire Department Notification. The local fire department shall be notified in writing 5 days in advance of the date the vehicle is to be displayed.  A permit is required and can be downloaded here.
  • Inspection. The local fire department having jurisdiction shall inspect the vehicles before the general public is permitted to occupy the building.  The Inspector needs witness vehicle being moved in to the building.
  • Smoking prohibited. Smoking shall not be permitted in the posted vicinity of the vehicle display.  “No Smoking” signs shall be posted in the vicinity of the vehicle display.

Mayfair Mall Requirements
  • Vehicles MUST enter and exit the mall from the east entrance located under the theatre.
  • Three personnel, provided by the organization displaying the vehicle, must be present for vehicle placement and switch out.
  • Battery cables must be disconnected once stationary.
  • Less than 1/8 tank of gas in any vehicle.
  • Locking gas cap must be used to prevent tampering.
  • Points of contact that the vehicle has with the floor must be cushioned by heavy vinyl, additional carpet, or any other management approved material.
  • The engine transmission and rear end area beneath the car should be protected with heavy vinyl, additional carpet, or any other management approved material.
  • Any planters or benches which need to be moved must be approved by mall management.
  • Ten feet of clearance must be available on each side of the exhibit in order to comply with fire safety regulations.
  • Automobiles must display flashers when moving in and out of the mall.
  • Hood and trunk must be closed when not attended by the exhibitor.
  • A protective covering must be inserted in tailpipe to prevent condensation.
  • Sock or other material must be installed beneath the vehicle to catch oil run off.
  • Vehicles must be maintained and cleaned daily.
  • Provide vehicle keys to Mall Public Safety.
  • The use of Armor All on tires is not allowed.

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