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UWM Innovation Campus
UWM Real Estate Foundation, owner of the property in the northeast quadrant of Hwy 45 and Watertown Plank Road, is working cooperatively with the City of Wauwatosa, the County of Milwaukee, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Economic Development Administration (EDA) to be a good steward of the land and invest in the future of our community.

These groups, along with the Habitat Restoration Team including representatives from Milwaukee County Parks, the Milwaukee Public Museum’s curatorial staff and Friends of the Monarch Trail, have worked together to find a balance between economic development, conservation, recreation space and residents. The vitality of this area will grow property value, add jobs, protect the designated Monarch Butterfly Habitat and add more park space and walking trails.
The approximately 88 acre site contains:
•    Habitat Protection Area
•    Common Areas (roadway, storm water sewers and right-of-way)
•    Residential Zone
•    Technology Development Zone (research park)
•    DOT Hwy 45 Interchange Improvements
•    County Grounds Park

What’s Going On Here?
UWM Innovation Campus Construction Activity Update – October 31, 2013

Discovery Parkway is officially open for traffic as the contractor completes his project close out and punchlist items. We did have a soft opening of the Parkway on October 21 at the request of the WisDOT as a result of the accelerated schedule on the Swan Boulevard bridge. The remaining light fixture heads are scheduled to be installed soon. The walkways are done and the trail to the Park overlook provides a great view toward downtown Milwaukee.

We are still unable to post to the Photo Album, but the repair is underway and we will have final project photos to post in the next week. We will also continue to provide updates on the buildings which will remain under construction until spring of 2014.

Please check this web page often for updates or sign up for the online service, Notify Me, which will send you an email or a phone text any time project updates are posted.

NEW Access to the Butterfly Habitat NEW
The public is now able access the Monarch Butterfly Habitat directly from Discovery Parkway. There is [parking available on the east side of the Parkway and there are new trails and kiosk being installed on the southeast edge of the Habitat along Eschweiler Drive. Please note that the south trail will not be accessible during the construction o the new freeway on ramps.

NEW Access for Dog Walkers NEW
The public and their pets will be able to walk on the Milwaukee County Park, but dogs are required to be on a 6-foot leash. It’s also recommended you choose other areas of the County Grounds away from the ongoing building construction sites to exercise your dog or use any of the  Milwaukee County Dog Exercise Areas (DEA). The closest DEA is in Currie Park at the intersection of Mayfair Road and Capitol Drive. Permits are for sale inside the County Grounds Parks Administration building.

Walkers, Bikers, Runners and Park Lovers
For your safety please continue to stay away from the building construction sites. These areas remain off limits and trespassers will be ticketed. We hope you enjoy the new trails in the Milwaukee County Park (official name of the former County Grounds) and the Monarch Trail Habitat or choose to use the Oak Leaf Trail which features 114 miles of multiple loops through all the major parkways and parks in the system.

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