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Fire Education

Fire Safety House Program
The Fire Safety House is a tool that the Fire Department uses to help local children learn the basic rules of fire safety. 

Each spring and fall we visit most of Wauwatosa’s school’s first and third grades.

Fire is the second major cause of accidental death and injury to children.  A large majority of the incidents occur at home.  This program is designed to instruct students about fire safety and prevention as well as give them a chance to practice those skills in a realistic, controlled environment.

The fire safety house is a 32-foot mobile trailer that looks like a giant dollhouse.  It has a functional living room, kitchen, and bedroom.  Students will be able to go through the house with a trained fire safety educator who will teach them about safety in each area of the house.  The children are able to practice simple methods of eliminating potentially dangerous situations.  They will be able to feel a “hot door” and locate an emergency escape route.  They will then exit the fire safety house, via a ladder, as the house fills with non-toxic smoke (fog).  All of the activities are performed under the guidance of the City of Wauwatosa Fire Department.

In order to keep this program going, we ask for parent volunteers each year.  Our volunteers are extremely important.  We cannot do it without them.  If you would like to volunteer, ask your neighborhood school when they are scheduled for their fire safety house presentation.  They should be able to put you in contact with a parent that can give you more information. 


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