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Public Construction News

Plans for public construction are developed, bid and awards for work are made by the Common Council. The Engineering Services Division oversees these contracts after award. You can sign up for email or text message updates on construction activities. Updates are sent periodically about ongoing construction updates. Sign up today to stay in the loop about construction.

Construction Programs

Sidewalk Program
2018 - 2027 Sidewalk Program Area Map
Frequently asked Questions

The Village Reconstruction and Streetscaping Project
December 2017 Update: Construction in the Village is proceeding and the warmer weather the last few weeks has helped crews continue to work, but now that we are in December work is slowing down for the year. Staff anticipates that electrical work, retaining walls, and wayfinding elements will be installed as long as weather permits. What is left to complete?
  • The water main on State Street between 72nd and 74th Streets is ongoing and will likely be completed later this month. This work was pushed into 2017 to shorten 2018 construction. 
  • Signals at Underwood & Harmonee and Wauwatosa & State.
  • Lighting and signage at various locations.
  • Remaining portion of Blanchard and Wauwatosa near State Street Station - this work is pending completion of State Street Station.
  • Remaining portion of Underwood and Harmonee by Harmonee Square - this work is pending completion of Harmonee Square.
  • Retaining walls in Root Common and Pocket Parks.
  • Decorative elements in the parks.
  • Various sidewalk installations.
  • Final paving and pavement marking - this will be the last item completed, most likely in summer 2018.

As part of the State Street reconstruction project, the City has taken a comprehensive approach to evaluating design options for the Village area. Since February 2015 there have been 35 public meetings on this project seeking community input and feedback on the project. 

The project began with the need to replace old infrastructure and road surface along State Street from 68th Street to Church Street. It was determined that the project scope should expand to serve the entire Village and include streetscaping and wayfinding. A key objective of this project is to develop a streetscape solution for the Village that allows for the continued movement of automobile traffic while creating a safe pedestrian-oriented retail and dining destination. The design decisions were made as part of the larger context including other intersections in the Village and the future use of Root Common and Pocket Parks. 

Project limits as seen on the phasing map are Wauwatosa Ave from Harmonee to State Street, Root Common and Pocket Park redesign, Harwood from Wauwatosa Ave to Mower Court and Underwood from Harmonee to Milwaukee. 

Project Scope and Design Information

Construction Planned in 2017 - Spring 2019

Work in 2017 and Spring of 2018 includes Wauwatosa Ave from Blanchard to Harmonee, including Pocket Park and Root Common. Harwood from Wauwatosa to Mower Ct and Underwood from Harmonee to Milwaukee Ave will also receiving upgrades and streetscaping treatment. Final landscaping will be completed in the spring of 2018. Updates to Root Common Park and Pocket Park will continue through winter 2017. Work in 2018 will be on State Street from 68th Street to Wauwatosa, adding a new walkway and fence along the railroad tracks on the south side of State St. with a pedestrian crossing of the tracks at 74th Street.

Planned Reconstruction of Underwood and Woodland Avenues in 2018
To learn more about this project, which is currently in design phase for a planned 2018 construction, please view this YouTube video presentation by Senior Civil Engineer Maggie Anderson.

69th Street Plaza Construction Project
The plaza and parking opened in November 2017. Certain aspects of the work will continue over winter and spring, including setting site furnishings, some wayfinding signs, the bike station, and lights. Design questions can be directed to Jen Stilling, Civil Engineer, at (414) 479-8934. Construction questions can be directed to Tony Minto, Senior Construction Engineer, at (414) 507-7153.

Hear Jennifer Stilling, civil engineer with the City of Wauwatosa, discuss the plans for the project and our vision for a pedestrian gathering place in Historic East Tosa in this video

Still to come in 2018: 5 lit lounge chairs, 5 picnic tables underneath a canopy structure, 3 plinth benches along North Avenue, 8 concrete benches, string lights, and an illuminated public parking sign. 

Green Alley Reconstruction
How does it work? The Contractor will install pervious pavement system, concrete repaving, storm sewer relay, surface restoration, sidewalk and drive approaches in alleyways. The process reduces rainfall runoff, helps clean and recharge groundwater and alleviates flooding concerns.

Here is a brief video of pavers being installed.

Construction for 2018 will be planned and designed over winter of 2017 and spring of 2018. 

Aggregate Sealcoating
How does it work? We will clean the streets immediately prior to the sealcoating operation and then the contractor will apply asphalt oil, apply the proper cover aggregate, roll the street and if necessary broom to ensure proper distribution. While this work is done there will be a 2 - 3 hour window when the street is not accessible. Three to four days after the aggregate has been placed the Contractor will sweep the loose aggregate and haul it away.

The City has used sealcoating to extend the life of pavement on residential streets for over 60 years. It allows the reduction of one resurfacing project during the road's approximate 72 year lifespan. 

Sealcoating locations for 2018 have not yet been set.

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