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The Meinecke Avenue Flood Mitigation Project

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1. How long will Meinecke Ave. and 90th St. be under construction?
2. How many contractors will be working on this project?
3. How many houses will benefit from this project?
4. How many houses will be inconvenienced by this plan?
5. How many sidewalk squares will be out of commission and for how long?
6. How many trees are anticipated to be lost?
7. How will owners be notified of trees being lost and how much notice will they be given?
8. Is this the same type of project that is being undertaken on Mayfair Road right now?
9. It is our understanding that some of these repairs are upgrades to the current system and some are new. Please describe what is an upgrade and what will be new. Also what are the budgets for the upgra
10. Please describe all inconveniences the City anticipates this project causing residents on Meinecke Ave. and 90th St.
11. Please describe all positive impacts the City anticipates this project having on residents on Meinecke Ave. and 90th St.
12. Please describe the City’s plan to prevent flooding during the construction process as experienced in Whitefish Bay? (Documented cases of numerous houses that hadn’t previously flooded experiencing fl
13. Please describe the number of machines and types of machinery a resident can expect to see on their street.
14. Please estimate how many nights residents on Meinecke Avenue and 90th Street can expect to not have access to their driveway over the two years of this project.
15. What are the details of the plan to deal with school traffic at McKinley Elementary School?
16. What can be done to postpone this project?
17. What factors determine what trees will be lost? Is it the tree location or the tree condition?
18. What happens if the contractor damages my property?
19. What other alternatives were considered and why were they dismissed?
20. What type of communication can we expect to see?
21. What will be the assessments for this project and when will residents be notified?
22. When and where were notifications about meetings concerning the Meinecke project posted?
23. When were Residents of 90th Street or Meinecke Avenue notified of the project?
24. Where can we find documentation of these flooding issues?
25. Who can we call during the project with questions and concerns?
26. Who determines if trees will be lost?
27. Who will assume responsibility for tree roots being damaged during construction and potential liability going forward?
28. Who would you recommend concerned residents contact to voice their concerns?
29. Will there be phases? What will each phase entail?
30. What size trenches will be dug?
31. How much trench will be open at once?
32. What type of equipment will the contractor bring in? Please describe in detail the size of the equipment, the noise level, and the vibrations that will be felt by such equipment.
33. Is there a plan to compensate residents if they do not have access to their driveway for more than the recently communicated maximum of 12 weeks?
34. Would the City provide any assistance (either financial or administrative) to homeowners that experience damage to their houses or flooding to their houses as a result of this project?
35. What advice do both the proposed contractor and the City give to homeowners to protect them during this project? Should we have the structures of our homes documented? What is most helpful to you in p
36. Please specifically identify where headquarter trailers will be parked.
37. Where will the staging area for construction materials be? Pipes, gravel, etc.
38. What hours will the proposed contractor be allowed to work? How many days of the week will they plan on working?
39. How much notice will homeowners be given about driveway inaccessibility, sewage disruption, and water disruption?
40. What happens if a homeowner’s lateral is damaged during the project?
41. How do you secure the work site overnight for the safety of kids?
42. Can you describe the sequence of the project?
43. When will the trees be cut down? Are all Ash trees on the route going to be taken down on both sides of the street?
44. What’s the biggest project the proposed contractor has done in terms of budget as well as size/scope?
45. How does this compare in technical complexity to other projects the proposed contractor has completed?
46. What does the proposed contractor see as the biggest challenge of this project?
47. Who from the City will be our point of contact for problems? Name, phone number and e-mail.
48. Will there be clauses in the contract to promote the quality of life for residents? Incentive to ensure project is completed within expected timeline? Incentive to deter home owners’ prolonged inacces
49. Will the proposed contractor be fined for additional tree losses above the anticipated 60-plus trees? Does the City anticipate providing the homeowner with any of the fines collected?
50. How long will North Ave. be impassable?
51. If work is going to be done year round on this project, where will residents park their cars in the winter especially during a snow storm?
52. How much insurance will the proposed contractor take out for this project and who is their insurance company?
53. Who issued the proposed contractor’s performance bond? What is the amount of the bond?
54. What is the City’s plan of communication relating to the project? Will there be weekly e-mails sent?
55. How is the proposed contractor going to prevent a flood like they experienced in Whitefish Bay?
56. What insurance does the proposed contractor carry for potential damage to our houses?
57. What is the process a homeowner would have to go through to file a claim?
58. Is the contract awarded to the lowest priced qualified or lowest cost responsible bidder?
59. How did the City evaluate the competence of the lowest bidder?
60. Does the contractor have any other experience working close to foundations, trees, similarity in project, such as a huge project in a smaller street?
61. How much cost benefit would you anticipate if the project ran down 92nd St. instead of 90th St?
62. What is the rationale of the assessment of 90th St. between north of North Ave. and south of North Ave.?
63. Who was the next responsible bidder?
64. What happens in bad weather, e.g., approaching rainstorm, frigid temperatures, heavy snow, rapid snow melt, etc.
65. Why not use a smaller backhoe?
66. If the pipe is so heavy, then why not use a smaller pipe?
67. What makes the contractor a viable bidder?
68. How much insurance does the contractor need to provide?
69. Where will residents be able to park during construction?
70. Why not have the sewer go down 92nd street?
71. How can I protect my house from damage during construction?

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