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Treasurer Office

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1. When will the new tax rate be available?
2. What are the current/past tax rates?
3. What are my options to pay my tax bill?
4. Can I obtain a copy of my tax bill from the website? Or a receipt?
5. How do I change my name/address on my tax bill?
6. Where is the Treasurer's office located?
7. What are your office hours?
8. Where is the night deposit located?
9. Can I pay my property taxes electronically or with a credit card?
10. Why does the City charge fees for taxpayers making credit card payments?
11. Can I use my bank's online bill pay service to pay a property tax bill?
12. Who do I make the check payable to?
13. How do I pay my property taxes using my bank escrow check?
14. What should I do if my escrow check is greater than the tax due?
15. My bank / mortgage company pays the City directly. How can I find out the status of this payment?
16. Why did my mortgage company change my escrow payment?
17. Do you accept postmark dates for tax payments?
18. What is the last day of the 5 day grace period for paying my taxes?
19. Why is the 1st installment amount different from the 2nd and 3rd installment?
20. What are the credits that are applied to my tax bill?
21. How can I claim the lottery credit?
22. What is the assessed value of my property?
23. Why is the Assessed Value different from the Fair Market Value?
24. How can I contest my assessment?
25. Where can I pay a delinquent tax bill?
26. I made a payment to the Milwaukee County Treasurer; however the payment is not showing up on the City website. Why?
27. What is the amount of my next year’s tax bill?
28. How can I change my name/address on my water bill?
29. Can I pay my water utility bill online?
30. Is there any parking overnight in Wauwatosa?
31. What information is needed for licensing my pet?
32. Do I need to license my cat if it only stays indoors?
33. Where can I purchase a pass for the county dog park?
34. What can I do about my neighbor’s barking dog?

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